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Originally from Brazil with Japanese and Italian heritage, Thaisa started to pursuit her personal growth in her youth and found meditation as a powerful tool. In order to understand more and go deeper with it,  she completed a meditation technique course.

She started practicing yoga in 2006 and in the beginning of 2015 her world changed, she opened her heart to the teaching path. She completed a 50-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with Charanpal Kaur and in the beginning of 2016 Thaisa spent two months in India learning the Traditional Tantra Yoga at Shri Kali Ashram with the mentoring of Bhagavan Shri Shanmukha Anantha Natha and Shri Ma Kristina Baird. There she received the 200-hour Teacher Training Certificate. In September 2016 she completed a 30-hour intensive Yoga for Cancer Survivorship course with Lorien Neargarder. Now she is studying feng shui, as she believes that harmonizing the energy of our home or work place, influences in our inner harmony.

Thaisa is also diving into the teachings of breathing and mantras (sacred sounds) as she believes that breathing properly and chanting from the heart we can heal ourselves, reach our Self, and attain the state of bliss. 

Her yoga style is known for incorporating her grounding meditation techniques to create a deeply centering experience to her students. 

She lives her life with a full commitment and honors all living beings as she honors herself. She finds vital to reverence and to thank our uniqueness, and most important to celebrate life as the biggest gift ever received on Earth.

For her, yoga is not only the practice that we do on our mats but it is a lifestyle, it is the way we live our lives with healthy thoughts, healthy food and healthy habits.

Besides being a yogi (yoga practitioner), Thaisa also enjoys her life surfing, dancing and decorating spaces. 

Currently she lives in Los Angeles, California.  

grounding flow Hatha yoga classes

Grounding Flow Hatha Yoga is to flow with long deep breathes in, expanding your belly, ribs and chest to give more room to your lungs to expand, inviting the oxygen to bring vitality to your whole body, growing and expanding gradually and organically in each movement, and long breathes out to ground, and to release the waste off your body and letting go. 

The first part of the class is the same flow routine, so you can get familiar with the sequence giving you the ability to sharp your mind and be present in your practice and breathing. We start with a grounding meditation, following by pranayama, surya namaskar A, surya namaskar B - with adaptation in the first asana of the series, and standing/ warrior series. Physically in this first part of the class we are warming up our body, stretching, and building strength to the second part of the class. As well as we are moving with long deep breathes we are stretching the diaphragm and intercostals muscles so our lungs can receive more oxygen. 

The second part is hatha yoga style, holding the asanas longer to help you with focus and balance, besides strengthening and stretching. It is a bit more challenging asanas, but as we were sharping and calming our minds in the first part of the class, we can transcend the posture. Here we are calming even more our minds, so we can finish our class with relaxation to get into a meditative state to rest in savasana. It is a grounding and relaxing experience.  

This is not a monkey see, monkey do class or doing automatically, you need to be present to experience and explore your yoga. It is the ability to slow down and become aware of what you are doing. Being mindfulness. 

This class is inspired in Ashtanga Yoga style. Not recommended if will be your first time in a yoga class.

slow flow Hatha yoga classes

The slow flow gives the students enough time to properly adjust/ align themselves in the asanas (postures), giving them time to explore their bodies and enjoy the benefits, also preventing future injuries. Flowing with slow long deep breaths provide to the students a grounding experience. Taking long deep breaths calm and clear our minds, helping with focus and balance, as well bringing more oxygen to our body, helping with our immune system. These classes are a meditative experience. Feel the empowerment of you body, mind and soul. 

Traditional Tantra Yoga Classes 

The Traditional Tantra Yoga taught at Shri Kali Ashram is an ancient system and one aspect is Asana. For overall health, the system offers a Tri-Dosha Balancing Asana Series which is based on Ayurvedic principles, balancing the internal energy system (prana) and cultivating optimal health from the inside out.

The asanas are gentle yet firm, challenging yet for all levels, leads one to practice without competition and cultivates a wholesome self. During the practice, no music is played so you can drop your conscious mind and culture meditation through a subconscious relaxation which is to ultimately explore who you really are, your true self. Just Let go and flow.  


Imagine yourself practicing yoga on top of a soft top surfboard but instead of practicing on water, you are practicing on sand or any other floor. I use two big air cushions underneath the board to simulate the idea that you are doing yoga on water. 

SurfVibe Yoga is a combination of dynamic flow with isometric movements, as we hold the asanas, postures for a while so our physical body can start aligning and getting used with the instability of the board. This instability requires focus and control, so expect a lot of core work!

The practice promotes functional movements that challenges not only our major muscles but as well all our secondaries muscles, our stabilizers, helping with stability and strength. Also promotes mindfulness as we need to be present in order to keep stable on the board. 

It is a wholesome experience, which combines strength, cardio, flexibility, and stability with mindfulness, focus and bliss, bringing balance in our physical, mental and spiritual body. It’s a fun practice, and makes you feel doing yoga, while you are surfing. (watch video)

These classes are suggested for intermediate and advanced students.  

Therapeutic Yoga for Cancer Survivorship -  Private Classes or Small Group

It is a special program with gentle and restorative yoga (supported asanas (postures)), breath awareness, guided meditation, chanting and Reiki (energy healing). It is a wholesome experience. 

These classes are tailored according to your necessities.

one on one sessions

The one to one sessions are tailored according to the moment that you are in your life. I intuitively sense the path that we should go in our meetings.

We have the option to start the sessions with the Ayurvedic Walking Massage - a feet walking massage, based on the traditional Indian medicine system, to work with the pressure of points along the major meridians (energy channels) to balance our internal energy system (prana) - followed by yogasana - we can work with the Traditional Tantra Yoga, Slow Flow Hatha Yoga, Grounding Flow Hatha Yoga or Kundalini Yoga and meditation.

Also Pranayama (breathing exercises) and Bandhas (body lock exercises) are teaching in the session while we progress and get deeper in our work. Sharing, Reiki are also part of our work.

The focus is not only the physical body but mainly to calm your mind and heart so you can listen to your Higher Self and start living a more blissful life. It is to slow down and find balance in your life. 

As we work with your subconscious mind, because you are dropping your conscious mind and relaxing your physical body to give space to your subconscious arise, you might need an extra support by therapist or psychologist.

I am here to hold space and support you in your journey. 



 More info, please contact me. 

More info, please contact me. 

 More info, please contact me.

More info, please contact me.



"Thaisa studied Traditional Tantra Yoga at Shri Kali Ashram in Goa in 2016. She approached the system with an openness of mind and heart and with joy.  She intuitively understands what it means to embrace the notion of “woman as a goddess”, the essence of tantric culture. The Tridosha Series teaches the body to meditate and cultures a deep sense of relaxation. It teaches one how to maximize one’s potential and get out of sub-optimal living to embrace the fullness of life. It teaches you to overcome fear and embrace freedom by learning to be yourself. Thaisa naturally embodies the Shri Kali ideas of openness and freedom and we are so lucky to have her bring this system to Santa Cruz and Bay Area. Please join her to experience true freedom!" -Shri Ma Kristina Baird

" As a traveling yoga instructor, it's very important to me to find a responsible guest teacher while I'm away. I'm so grateful that I can rely on Thaisa to deliver a powerful and spiritually uplifting class to my students. When I return, I always receive great feedback on her teaching style; loving, spacious, and sacred. Her passion for Traditional Tantra Yoga is palpable; the kind of inspiration that makes for a pure delivery of ancient teachings with integrity and a whole lot of heart." -Charanpal Kaur

"Thaisa is a natural yoga teacher. Her light shines through from the moment you meet her. I felt so safe and seen in her classes and miss her dearly. I have no doubt she will guide you and hold you on your transformational journey if you let her. Thank you for being such a light in my life!" -Nadia Muusse

"I have wondered if there were a yoga that would complement my Kundalini practice and I feel that the Traditional Tantra taught by Thaisa is what I have been looking for. She brings depth, joy and sensitivity to the studio and I look forward to more encounters with her and this style of yoga that is new to me. After a session, my body feels limber and my heart is peaceful. It is an excellent mode to enhance meditation." -Kathleen Tyger Wright

"Thaisa is an amazing soul who I was blessed enough to have one on one guidance from. She integrated yoga with verbal teachings and open listening. It allowed me to rediscover my inner self and refocus on my path. Thank you Thaisa! I miss you. May this journey bless you with all that you deserve! I know that those lives you enter are better for having you in them." -Danielle O.

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